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FreeCompute UnitsWeb Socket Message UnitsRequests per second
Upto 1 MNA5
Upto 3.5 MNA20
Upto 15 MNA100
Upto 25 MUpto 400 M200
Upto 50 MUpto 800 M300
Upto 100 MUpto 1000 M500

BloXroute is available as a paid add-on:

$25 for every 100 transactions per day

All Common Features

Multiple Blockchains and protocols
DEXs & Aggregators
Yield Aggregators
Fungible & Non Fungible Tokens
Trade Reconciliation
Historical Data
MEV Protection
Transaction Decoder
Multi-select gas options
Set Slippage


  • You don't need extensive coding knowledge or expertise in blockchain-based programming to utilise our services. A minimal understanding of integrating or utilising APIs is sufficient. Our platform is designed to be user-friendly and accessible, ensuring that even users with little to no coding experience can easily make use of our services.

  • A compute unit is a measurement of computational power or capacity. It represents the amount of processing resources allocated to perform a specific task or operation. The higher the number of compute units, the more computational power is available for executing tasks efficiently.

  • Our Starter Pack is designed to be accessible to all, making it an ideal choice for students or startups seeking to utilise our product. Additionally, we encourage interested individuals or teams to reach out to us directly for further assistance and to explore additional support options that may be available. We are committed to helping students and startups to make the most of our product and are open to discussing specific requirements to provide the best possible support.

  • Please see our current list of integrations here and more detail in our documentation here.

  • Please send us a message through our the Contact Us page or email us as

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