Enhancing Trading Efficiency and Security with Faster Transaction Speeds and MEV Protection

In the dynamic world of blockchain and cryptocurrency, traders and developers are in constant search of robust solutions to enhance transaction efficiency and security. Expand.network stands out as a streamlined solution for interacting with blockchains and protocols, offering a unified API with advanced trading features. These features now include enhanced transaction speeds through BloxRoute's technology and improved security against Miner Extractable Value (MEV) risks using Flashbots' solutions.

We are doing a deep dive, highlighting how these trading features enhance trading on Layer 1 blockchains.

Enhanced Transaction Speeds: Streamlining Transactions with BloxRoute's Technology

A key feature provided by expand.network is the optimization of transaction speeds, particularly for Ethereum transactions, through BloxRoute's technology. This is achieved using the BloxRoute BDN Architecture, which enables users to send assets faster via the "bdn route."

Key Aspects of Enhanced Transaction Speeds:

  • BDN Transaction Parameter: The BloxRoute BDN Architecture now includes the bdnTransaction parameter. When set to true, this parameter enables faster transaction processing on the Ethereum mainnet. By default, it is set to false. Expand.network also offers tailored solutions for other chains and supports unlimited transactions.
  • Expedited Transactions: Utilizing the bloxroute RPC, transactions are significantly sped up, offering a crucial advantage in time-sensitive trading scenarios.

MEV Protection: Safeguarding Transactions with Flashbots' Solutions

MEV Protection, another highlight feature offered by expand.network, focuses on protecting users from vulnerabilities such as front-running in Ethereum transactions. This is achieved through integration with Flashbots' solutions.

Functionality of MEV Protection:

  • Integration with Flashbots: MEV Protection has been enhanced by integrating with Flashbots RPC. This integration aims to mitigate the negative impacts of MEV, ensuring more predictable and fair transaction ordering and reducing opportunities for manipulation by miners. When the mevProtection parameter is set to true, transactions bypass the public mempool, becoming public only after inclusion in the chain.
  • Private Transactions (MEV-Boost): Expand.network introduces the functionality of Private Transactions using Flashbots. This feature allows for private transactions by incentivizing miners with additional rewards, increasing the likelihood of prioritized execution.
  • Fetch Flashbot Details: Users can easily fetch all the flashbot transactions, block, and bundle details using expand.network APIs, gaining a quick and complete understanding of the Flashbot ecosystem.

Comprehensive Coverage and Transparency:

  • MEV Protection covers all Write (Post) endpoints, providing details on alternative mempool transactions and additional gas fees.
  • Users have access to detailed transaction information, whether on-chain or in the mempool, enhancing transparency and control over their trading activities.


Expand Network's unified API, integrating enhanced transaction speeds and MEV Protection, provides a sophisticated and secure environment for blockchain transactions. These features not only improve trading efficiency on Ethereum but also add a crucial layer of security against vulnerabilities in the DeFi space. As blockchain technology continues to evolve, tools like those offered by expand.network will be instrumental in shaping a more efficient and secure trading landscape.