expand.network integrates 0x for enhanced Ethereum-based asset liquidity and DEX aggregation

We are delighted to announce this new integration with 0x, a milestone that further solidifies our dedication to enhancing user experiences and expanding possibilities within the DeFi ecosystem.

The integration with 0x brings a host of new functionalities to expand.network's API, empowering users to navigate the DeFi space with greater efficiency and ease.

This integration is part of our ongoing commitment to provide robust, user-friendly solutions in the DeFi ecosystem.

0x’s Enhanced capabilities via expand.network's API

This integration enables expand.network API users to trade Ethereum-based assets using the 0x protocol’s peer-to-peer exchange rails.

Here's what you can access:

0x functions


  • /getprice: Source the price for a given token pair on 0x.
  • /getliquiditysources: Return a list of all liquidity venues supported by 0x.
  • /quoteaggregator: Retrieve quotes for a specific token pair across all DEXs and DEX aggregators integrated by expand.network. With this integration, 0x is now included in the list of venues this endpoint will query. Note: This endpoint has an option to return a complete list of quotes for all venues or just the best price identified across all integrated venues.


  • /swap: Initiate the swap transaction on 0x, with an option to set slippage parameters.
  • /swapAggregator: Returns the aggregated prepared swap quotes for all DEXs and DEX aggregators where the pair address is present, with an option to set slippage parameters. Through this integration, 0x is now included in the list of venues for which this endpoint will prepare swaps.

User Benefits

  • Users can now access 0x via the expand.network API: Now including direct access to 0x, this single API eliminates the need for multiple integrations, simplifying your trading and other DeFi activities.
  • Comprehensive Price Discovery: Through the integration with expand.network's API, users gain access to a broad spectrum of pricing options. This feature allows them to identify and execute trades at the most favorable prices available, not only across 0x’s diverse liquidity venues but also through other liquidity sources incorporated within the expand.network API.
  • Optimized Trading: The inclusion of 0x into the expand.network API represents a significant upgrade to the trader's toolkit. This integration bolsters the capabilities for both price discovery and aggregation, ensuring a more efficient and effective trading process.

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About 0x

0x is an open protocol on the Ethereum blockchain that enables peer-to-peer asset exchanges. It provides essential infrastructure for the crypto economy, allowing developers to build decentralized exchanges. By removing intermediaries, 0x offers efficient, secure, and flexible on-chain settlements for Ethereum-based assets, promoting a more inclusive financial ecosystem.

About expand.network

expand.network is a leading DeFI API provider offering a single point of entry to the vast DeFi ecosystem. With just one unified API you can transact with and access data from 80+ DeFi endpoints, including DEXs, lending protocols, DEX & yield aggregators, oracles, bridges, NFTs, stablecoins, and more. By streamlining the integration resources needed to access DeFi, users can quickly and efficiently transact across multiple blockchains, source robust on-chain data, and build DeFi-related features and applications.

expand.network is backed by Cumberland Labs, an early-stage Web3 incubator founded in partnership with proprietary trading firm DRW and leading crypto market liquidity provider Cumberland.