expand.network Joins the QuickNode Marketplace!

expand.network, a leading decentralized finance (DeFi) service provider is now listed on QuickNode Marketplace, a comprehensive platform for Web3 development. This listing makes expand.network’s advanced DeFi capabilities accessible through QuickNode Marketplace, which enhances the blockchain application development experience by making it easier than ever for developers to discover and access the expand.network API.

Key Features of the expand.network API now available through QuickNode’s Marketplace:

  • Quotes - Retrieve aggregated quotes from major DEXs
  • Swap - Retrieve curated transaction data for potential swaps from various DEXs
  • Add Liquidity - Add liquidity to a specific pool of a DEX
  • Remove Liquidity - Remove or decrease liquidity from a specific pool in a DEX
  • Get User Liquidity - Retrieve your liquidity holdings from a specific pool in a DEX
  • Get Pool Liquidity - Retrieve the total liquidity of a specific pool in a DEX

The QuickNode Marketplace is designed to make the building blocks of decentralized finance applications more accessible, leveraging the power of blockchain technology in a cloud platform. The integration of expand.network’s powerful DEX functionality adds a critical component to this toolkit, allowing developers to easily build token price discovery, swapping and liquidity management into DeFi applications.

QuickNode's Marketplace Strategy

QuickNode's marketplace strategy focuses on providing a comprehensive suite of blockchain development tools and services. This approach is aimed at streamlining the development process across various blockchains, thereby enhancing accessibility and efficiency for developers. The addition of expand.network into QuickNode's Marketplace enriches this ecosystem, offering users a broader range of DeFi functionalities and development tools.


Since its founding in 2017, QuickNode has emerged as a go-to solution for businesses and innovators requiring world-class blockchain development tools for speed, reliability, and security. Handling over eight billion blockchain requests daily, QuickNode boasts a 2.5X faster response time than competitors and unparalleled uptime across 24+ chains and 35+ networks. With a user-friendly interface and a robust multi-chain developer tool suite, QuickNode is an ideal choice for top Web3 businesses and global brands.

About expand.network

expand.network is a leading DeFI API provider offering a single point of entry to the vast DeFi ecosystem unified API connector for the DeFi ecosystem. With just one unified API you can transact with and access data from 80+ DeFi endpoints, including DEXs, lending protocols, DEX & yield aggregators, oracles, bridges, NFTs, stablecoins, and more. By streamlining the integration resources needed to access DeFi, you can quickly and efficiently transact across multiple blockchains, source robust on-chain data, and build DeFi-related features and applications.

expand.network is backed by Cumberland Labs, an early-stage Web3 incubator founded in partnership with proprietary trading firm DRW and leading crypto market liquidity provider Cumberland.