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Experience seamless peer-to-peer cryptocurrency trading with SDK. Enable users to securely exchange digital assets directly on the blockchain, leveraging decentralized order books and smart contracts.


Empower your platform users with Lending and borrowing capabilities through SDK. Offer decentralized lending protocols, allowing users to earn interest on their assets or borrow funds against their collateral, all within a secure and transparent environment.

Simplify the process of reconciling trades and transactions with SDK. Streamline trade settlement, clearing, and reporting by integrating powerful trade reconciliation functionalities, ensuring accurate and efficient tracking of trades across multiple platforms and exchanges.


Unlock the full potential of DeFi yield opportunities for your users with SDK. Access leading yield aggregators that automatically optimize and allocate assets to the most profitable and secure yield-generating protocols, maximizing returns while minimizing risk.

Enhance price discovery capabilities on your platform using SDK. Access real-time market data, gas fees, and price feeds from multiple sources to ensure accurate and up-to-date pricing information, enabling users to make informed trading decisions.


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